Testing LiveView

Phoenix 1.7. LiveView 0.18.

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The new course will be a complete rewrite.

I’m taking what I’ve learned from making the original course and applying that to make this version even better.

Short lessons that pack a punch.

I have always respected your time. For that reason, I don’t like adding filler material (or leaving my “ums”, “uhs”, and typos) just so the course runtime looks impressive.

I know you’re a busy person and that your time is valuable. So, I want to teach you how to test LiveView effectively in as little time as possible.

The original course already had almost zero fluff. But I’m taking that a step further and removing all unnecessary material so we can focus on the essentials.

Thus, each lesson will be a short, independent lesson that packs a punch – something you can watch on your commute to work, while you grab your lunch, or within the first ten minutes of sitting down to work.

It’ll be the fastest way to learn how to test LiveView effectively. ⚡️

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All current customers of Testing LiveView will get the upgrade for free!

So, if you’re a current customer (or thinking about becoming one), rest assured that you’ll be covered with all the latest and greatest. 🤜🤛

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