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Testing LiveView

Learn to test LiveView effectively. Gain trust in your code. Ship confidently.

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Everything you need to know

From fundamentals to mastery

No topic neglected. We'll cover the trivial and the tricky.

Set up, define, and write effective LiveView tests.
Testing LiveComponents
Learn to write unit and integration tests for LiveComponents.
Avoiding brittle tests
Confident testing requires consistent builds. We'll see how to test the right things.
Testing event-driven updates
LiveView and event-driven UIs are a match made in heaven. Learn to test them.
Testing Hooks
Fear no JavaScript interop.
LiveView tests vs Feature tests
Know when to reach for LiveView tests, and learn their place in your application's testing pyramid.
Writing tests in the domain of your application
Write tests that your team can actually understand.
Testing nested and isolated LiveViews
Not all LiveViews are made equal. Be they isolated or nested, we can test them.
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